About Us

Adventure Quest (UK) is a Community Interest Company (C.I.C). This means Adventure Quest (UK) has special additional features to Limited Companies. We conduct our business and activities for community benefit, and not purely for private gain. Unlike many private companies we do not pay dividends to shareholders, thus maximising our ability to contribute to the wider needs of ‘our community’. As a C.I.C, Adventure Quest (UK) needs to make a financial profit to ensure we are a sustainable and viable contender within this competitive arena. However, what makes us different as a C.I.C is that the profit we make is re-invested back into the community we serve; veterans care.

Who do we support?
Adventure Quest (UK) courses have been designed to work exclusively with individuals who have served in the British Armed Forces and who are currently receiving support and treatment for a mental health condition (example: PTSD, depression, anxiety).

In many cases individuals leaving the armed forces can lock themselves in a cycle of negative behaviours that appear impossible to break. Evidence demonstrates that inhibiting factors which prevent proper choices being made can be removed by quality time spent in wild mountainous settings, out of an individual’s accustomed environment.

Meet The team
All the staff working for Adventure Quest have been hand-picked to provide both a high level of expertise and understand the requirements needed to support our ex-military personnel in the outdoor environment.